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Arsenal 3, Newcastle 0

RVP 1-0 Penalty + Foul: Watch :: Download

RVP 2-0: Watch :: Download

Denilson 3-0: Watch :: Download

Proof that Joey Barton is a Cunt: Watch :: Download

Nasri Response: Download :: Watch

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  • Patrick

    Anyone have a video of that Barton assault on Nasri?

  • Arsenalist

    What minute did it happen? I’ll put it up. Didn’t catch the game but did record it.

  • Patrick
  • gunner28

    Great win but once again van persie limps off. We can’t sustain a title challenge if people get hurt and there is no QUALITY on the bench to replace them.

    Denilson had a good 2nd half but his 1st half was abysmal. I lost count of how many times he gave the ball away

  • Arsenalist

    There you go Patrick!

  • Haris

    Is there possible of making a video of Nasri passing through half of the Newcastle team? You know, it happened during the second half. You cannot have forgotten already, I’m sure. 😛

  • Jesus H. Christ Himself…

    …would have had his patience tried by Joey fucking Barton after that piece of work. I’d like to see Nasri’s responding clip of the ankles about 2 minutes later though.

  • Patrick

    Thanks, Arsenalist.

    What really pisses me off is Keegan calling that a “good tackle”. Barton threw his upper body into Nasri’s leg potentially resulting in a serious hyperextended knee.

    Nasri would have been justified in clocking Barton.

  • Arsenalist

    Jesus, uploaded the ankle clip.

    Haris, I missed the game, tell me when it happened.

  • Haris

    Oh, sorry! I read that you’ve missed the match and recorded it. I just assumed that you watched it afterwards. Well, unfortunately, I can’t remember the exact minute. It was second half for sure and probably even after the third goal. Samir took the ball in our half and with the movement of his body and his quick mind, he skipped through four Newcastle players. It was an excellent move.,otherwise I wouldn’t have asked you(being the only one worldwide who has recorded the match :P) to upload it. =)

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  • MalaysianGooner

    You can also include the clip where clichy nutmeg joey barton just for the sake of humiliating him 🙂 i think that is around 90th minute, it really sums up the whole French contingent hatred towards him 😉

  • rohok ipkb malaya

    i like the turning skill that nasri did. it fools about 3-4 players that was try to chase him. it was really good.

  • Gunner_in_Jamaica

    HTF did Gallas & Ade miss those chances???

    Welcome back Zarar!

  • Gunner_in_Jamaica

    post-match celebration image:

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  • Gooner Wookie

    I think anyone that has a criminal record should be given a second chance, otherwise we are just being blind to the fact people can change. The other thing we have to do is put our hands up when we make a mistake, Joey Barotn doesn’t deserve what he has got and he doesn’t deserve Kevin Keegan’s support.

    I’m just hoping that with Keegan’s departure Barton gets exactly what he deserves, a lifetime ban from the FA and dropped like a stone from Newcastle. He should be forced to be at the dole office on Monday morning.

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