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Arsenal 2, Burnley 0

Isn’t Turf Moor the coolest ground name in English football? I think so. Anyway, Eduardo continues his fine form with a calm, cool, collected, composed, compassionate and creative finish. Did you expect anything less? In all seriousness, we played like shit and are lucky to have survived the Burnley pressure after they were whittled down to 10 men. I’m not too sad to lose Eboue to the ACN after this one, as the halftime guy from ESPN (idiots, all of them) pointed out, “It’s like he’s wearing a colored uniform, keeps giving the ball away every time”. Eboue needs to understand what his limits are abide by them, his departure will mean more time for Walcott who is just about due to score his first league goal – I can’t take the suspense anymore!!

Senderos didn’t look completely shaky which gives me some confidence that he just might be able to fit Kolo’s size 50 shoes while he’s gone. The thing that’s scary about Senderos is that he has that look about him that says “you know I’m going to screw up sooner or later and when I do it’s going to be large” and every time I look at his mug I think back to last year’s FA Cup against Blackburn. This is usually where the Senderos supporters point out his contributions in the CL in 2006 and I say yeah, but what have you done for me lately? I know, I’m a bitch.

This might be the last we’ve seen of Jens Lehmann who I’ll be sad to see go. He’s done mulling over an offer from Dortmund which he’s a fool to reject because it doesn’t look like Wenger will ever forgive him for his early season gaffes. The man sure holds a grudge. Here’s the match report but you also want to check out Third Gen – he likes to write and write and write.

Many thanks to the Arseblogger for finally adding a link in his sidebar. Feed.

Eduardo ‘9 Download


Bendtner ’75 Download


Match Highlights: Mega Video

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  • arsenal turk

    arsenal just bout did it but that life lol thanx man

  • Jamaican_Gunner_Rhule

    What are your overall assessment on Eboue’s move from full back to winger?

    What grade do you give him?

    I think he did fairly well, on the other hand I wanna see more playing time for the Newbury Express.

    One Love!!

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  • yyeann

    somehow or another.. i dont like the way eboue plays. He lacks the “arsenal-way”. 🙂

  • huhu

    crappy performance

  • Arsenalist

    Jamaican_Gunner_Rhule, I think he’s still an offensive minded fullback. The conversion to midfield has been a relative success because he’s shown the ability to supply good crosses into the box after beating his man momentarily. I still prefer Theo in that position over him because he brings blistering pace and vision that Eboue lacks.

    I think Eboue would be more effective playing the way Clichy does: forward runs when appropriate but mostly stick in the back. Eboue’s other issue is simply concentration, he seems to lose focus and do fundamentally wrong things when he’s got the ball in the attacking end at times, today was a prime example of that. The Gunners are in first so I can’t complain much.

  • ashot

    arshavin is the best of arsenal

  • Ara Hain

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