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Sick and tired of wearing glasses and messing around with contacts, and hearing success stories from friends, I did some research into Laser Eye Surgery which corrects your vision by slicing and dicing your cornea until you can finally read the bottom line of the chart. I went for my free consultation to Lasik MD which took three hours (two hours of waiting and one hour of doing tests). They did a bunch of tests including a vision test and others which determine the health of the eye and whether it is operable. They numb your eye up so even if somebody pokes it with a pencil, you don’t feel a thing. That was cool.

So after I came out of the clinic, they told me this: You have abnormally large pupils and your cornea is 5.1 mmm which is around 0.4 less than the average. For some reason, having abnormally large pupils makes me feel better about myself. Of course, they told me that this also means that they needed to make a larger gash in my eye which would cost more. This did not make me feel good.

So in the end they said that despite the above problems, my eyes were operable and I had two options:

  1. Go with the “basic” surgery which would cost around $2500 with all future visits and corrections covered.  This was a standard surgery which most people got and it usually worked out.
  2. Go with the “specialized” surgery which they recommend and is custom to my eye which would cost around $4300, again all future visits and corrections covered.

Why are they even giving me the option of #1?? This is my eyes we’re talking about!!!
The other interesting thing they said was if I do decide to go ahead, I would 100% be required to wear reading glasses when I’m older but if I decided not to go for the surgery, reading glasses would not be necessary. Also, there is a chance that I’ll be seeing halos after surgery which is very not cool.

The price is acceptable but I’m wondering if this really is worth it. I’ll just be delaying wearing glasses/contacts till I’m 50 and I’ll be doing something which appears to be quite unnatural to the human condition. So for now, I’m chickening out of this one and wearing contacts again.

  • lasiknightmare

    You are so smart to avoid having the surgery. I had lasik with major complications, and have to wear rigid contact lenses for decent vision now that things have healed up (after nine surgeries on my right eye). Over the contacts, I now have to wear reading glasses. LASIK burns off your natural reading vision, the loss of which really is a pain!

  • mukwsh

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