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Arsene Wenger Jose Mourinho, Arsenal and Chelsea ManagersThe flamboyant Portuguese fag quoted:

‘We are a team adapted to the reality, which is why Arsenal cannot beat Bolton at Bolton and why Chelsea under me have played three matches and got three victories at Bolton with zero goals conceded.’

‘For my concept of football, the best football is the football adapted to the circumstances. ‘You cannot play against Bolton at Bolton the same you play at home against Watford. My feeling is that some teams and some managers play every game with the same philosophy, with the same game principles and with the same game strategy. ‘Sometimes they beat someone 6-0 and sometimes they lose a game they shouldn’t lose.’ One of the strengths in football teams is to adapt to different realities which is what I am trying to do with Chelsea in England and Chelsea in Europe. Chelsea cannot play in Europe the same way it plays in England.

‘We’ve played some matches at home with three defenders; we’ve finished some games with five players in attack. So Chelsea is an attacking team but adapted to the reality. Against Bolton if you don’t defend as we did in the last 15 minutes, you have no chance.’

Seems to be a fair assessment of what Arsenal have done wrong against physically ‘tougher’ teams such as Bolton and Fulham. Arsenal have a well-known tendency to string an extra three passes when a shot would suffice. It’s evident that Fabregas, Hleb and Rosicky would prefer to rely on their talents than play a physical game even when circumstances demand for it. Isn’t winning the ultimate goal rather than playing “beautiful football”? I mean, you’d bang Britney Spears but you wouldn’t marry her, would you?

So is Mourinho that wrong in saying that Arsenal don’t know how to “adapt” to circumstance and will struggle under their current philosophy. I’d like to think he’s just being a bitch again but something tells me theirs a tinge of truth in his words. I love the way Arsenal play and when they’re in rhythm, they’re both unstoppable and a pleasure to watch but over the last few years, I think I’d prefer Chelsea’s results rather than Arsenal’s style.

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