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It’s imperative that Barcelona fail to win tomorrow in their Champions League clash with Werder Bremen. This wouldn’t do much for Arsenal but it would give Thierry Henry reassurance that he made the right decision in the summer.

It’s only natural that Henry might be thinking “what if” especially after Gunner losses of late and the squad’s inability to separate themselves from middle of the pack in the league. Losses to West Ham, Bolton and Fulham don’t exactly make you feel like a European contender. While Barcelona are on their way to another La Liga title, Arsenal’s domestic struggles continue with the only realistic goal being to finish in the top four and qualify for next year’s Champions League, a task that was considered more rudimentary than anything in the summer.

Henry’s signing did have great momentum; coming off a Champions League final appearance and finishing the league strong was enough to convince Henry that picking Arsenal over Barcelona was the correct decision. For Arsenal and Henry to be a snug fit, that belief needs to stick with the Frenchman for his remaining years in London.

After denying a drift with Wenger over omission from the Tottenham game due to injury, Henry quoted:

Regarding the recruitment in the summer, my confidence was not betrayed. I am at Arsenal for life. I will not go to Barcelona.

A Barcelona defeat or tie would reinforce the decision and eliminate any second thoughts. At least for now. Oh yeah, and the Gunners musn’t lose against FC Porto in Portugal.

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